Another Christchurch hillside garden design project

These past weeks we’ve been working on another Christchurch hillside property. Up here there are great views up the coast and out over Redcliffs to the sea beyond.

The landscape design for this project involves creating a level lawn at the front of the property, accessible from steps leading down from the outdoor living area at the front of the house. Paths coming down each side of the house will provide access from the rear of the property and side entrances. Narrow garden beds between the paths and the house will make garden maintenance easy and manageable - perfect for people with busy lives. New fencing will ensure both privacy for the family and also secure the area for the owner’s dog to roam free in.

This is a rocky site with hard loess soil, making excavation for the retaining and pathways difficult in places. After some hot dusty days we’ve got there. We’ve built a retaining wall across the front of the property, creating a level space for the lawn. A curved concrete mow strip mirrors the arc of the coastline. Future planting behind the mow strip, towards the edge of the retaining wall, will hide the edge of the wall. This easily maintainable planting will merge with the hardy, low maintenance natives already established on the slope below the retaining wall. A dog proof fence across the front of the property will be hidden from view.

The boxing for the paths and steps has just been finished, ready for the concrete placer to do his thing next week. Exposed aggregate surfaces will match the existing finish at the rear of the house.

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